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[ATTN] DDoS attack on 'xcfdz1' server
Posted by Level 2 Support on 03 December 2017 10:04 PM

Dear Valued Customers,

We are notifying you that we have encountered unexpected DDoS attack on one of our server. Below you may find more details about this issue:

Affected server: 
Start Time: DEC 3 9:20 PM
Approximate ETA: -

Since this attack is making from many different IPs we cannot block their networks, so in order to stop this issue we had to block our IP '' on port '80'. Unfortunately due to this reason your websites, that are using shared IP '', will be inaccessible until the attack isn't stopped. However, rest of the websites and subdomains, that are assigned to dedicated IPs, will be working in a proper state.

From our side, we will monitor the status of attack and when it will be finished, we will let you know by posting update below of this post.

We appreciated your understanding and patience in regards to this issue.

Kind regards,
DailyRazor Support Team.


UPDATE DEC 3 10:00 PM:

We are glad to inform you that DDoS attack against our server is stopped and all services will be back online during next 20-30 minutes

Please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused to you.


UPDATE DEC 3 10:30 PM:

Unfortunately all our servers still have a problem with lost of packages during connection, due to the heavy attack on 'xcfdz1' server. Our specialists continue working on solving this issue and we will post our next update once we get any new inform regarding this issue. Please wait for our further reply.


UPDATE DEC 4 01:30 AM:

We are glad to inform you that DDoS attack is finished. We hope that it will not occur again.
Please, take our apologies for any inconveniences this may caused.


UPDATE DEC 4 03:40 AM:

Regretfully, DDoS attack has been started again. We have blocked shared IP

Please, check your inbox as we have switched some subscriptions on the server to the new IPs in order to minimize downtime, however you should make changes at the control panel of your domain registrar. Kindly note, that there is no need to wait for notification regarding IP switching if your account hosted on another server.



UPDATE DEC 4 05:50 AM:

Attack has been finished. For now everything is functioning in proper state.



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