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Why can't I log in to the control panel?
Posted by Alpha Daramy on 30 May 2008 05:46 PM

Are you using a computer with a firewall? If so port 2082 or 2083 (If you're on a Linux hosting server) and 8443 (If you're on a Windows hosting server)  must be open for access.


Furthermore, login issues can also be caused by changes made by Microsoft to Windows or Internet Explorer or the vendor of the browser software you're using. Be sure you are using the latest updates. You can try a different browser. Many are available and even free including Firefox, Mozilla, Opera, etc.

If login fails because of an updated SSL cert, you will need to remove the old cert from your browser. If you are using Internet Explorer, look under Tools, Internet Options, Content, Certificates and find the one with your server name. Remove it then Close.
In Firefox, it is under Tools, Options, Advanced, Certificates, Manage Certificates. In Mozilla go to Edit, Preferences, Privacy & Security, Certificates, Manage Certificates, Websites. and look for the cert for your server. It is may be under the Other People's tab instead depending on your Mozilla version.


If you require further assistance, please contact and we will happy to assist you.


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