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Sending emails from my script is slow. What can be done?
Posted by - NA - on 08 April 2009 10:34 PM

Load on mail service may vary during the day. Sometimes your message is scheduled instead of being immediately sent.

It may happen in business time (so we recommend to perform mass mailings within night hours when load is usually low) or when you're trying to insert multiple messages to mail queue at the same time. Please note that each message is checked by spamfilter, antivirus, etc and load significantly increases with number of messages.

In order to achieve the most effective results please review your code and make sure that messages are sent in small portions. Recommended rate is 1-2 messages/sec.

If mail delivery is too crucial feature for your business - we can suggest you our virtual/dedicated server hosting plans. Since they are completely isolated and customizable they are not affected by such problems.

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