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How to deploy my Tomcat application?
Posted by Alpha Daramy on 02 August 2012 05:39 PM

There are two ways of how you can deploy your applications - via FTP or using Tomcat Manager.


1) Upload your application web archive file (.war file) or directory with unpacked application into "/home/canadadi/tomcat/webapps/" directory
2) If you want to make the application be available at '/' context, the WAR file should have the 'ROOT.war' name in case of uploading a directory with unpacked application, the directory name should be 'ROOT'. Otherwise the application will be deployed and be available at URL like or accordingly
3) Tomcat automatically tracks changes, and deploys new applications, undeploys removed applications and applies changes into running applications. However, if the changes haven't applied automatically within 10 minutes, please restart Tomcat via SSH or via web interface in order to apply the changes and deploy your application manually.

II. Tomcat Manager

Login to Tomcat Manager. If you have any troubles with login credentials for Tomcat Manager, you may find correct login info for Tomcat Manager application in the "/home/canadadi/tomcat/conf/tomcat-users.xml" file

=A= If you have already uploaded application onto the server:

1) Scroll down the page to the section called "Deploy directory or WAR file located on server". Enter the context name preceded by "/" (e.g.,
"/myapp") in the "Context Path" field.
2) Leave the "XML Configuration file URL" filed blank.
3) Locate WAR file and enter its absolute name (e.g.,
"/absolute/path/ROOT.war") in the "WAR or Directory URL" field.
4) Click the "Deploy" button. The page will reload.
5) At the top of the page, verify that the message displayed is "OK - Deployed application at context path /myapp". In the "Applications" section check that there is a line with the new application. The application is now ready and available at the specified URL.

=B= If application is on your local PC:

The technique described in the previous section works if you are able to copy WAR file to the server's file system. If there is no way to do that for some reason, you can still deploy an application using a "remote deployment" feature. Please follow these steps in order to do this:

1) Locate the WAR file on your local machine and rename it to the context name with "war" extension, e.g., myapp.war or to ROOT.war (if ROOT name specified, application will be accessible at default context "/")
2) Access the Tomcat Web Application Manager and scroll down to the section called "WAR file to deploy".
3) Click on the "Browse..." button and select needed .war file on your local machine.
4) Click "Deploy". The browser will upload selected .war file to the server and Tomcat will deploy it afterwards.


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