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Yes, you do have access to php.ini file.
Yes we do support this framework.
Yes, on most servers.
cPanel does not support Ruby 1.9 or Ruby on Rails 3.2, only Ruby 1.8 and Rails 2.3. It means that you cannot create and manage RoR 3.2 applications using the Ruby on Rails section in cPanel - everything will have to be done using the command line instea...
PHP is the abbreviation for Hypertext Preprocessor, a programming language that is extensively used for developing dynamic websites. It is a worthy alternative to Microsoft™s ASP technology. PHP is an open source, server-side scripting language which ca...
ruby 1.9.2p0 (2010-08-18 revision 29036) [x86_64-linux] Rails 2.3.10
Since PHP is an open source language, PHP hosting is possible at low costs. Also PHP web sites can be hosted on a Linux based platform, which is comparatively cheaper.