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I will need to deploy war files. If i used a shared plan are the war files automatically expanded and does tomcat need to be restarted? If it needs to be restarted how often is the shared server restarted? If i choose a plan with a private tomcat do i get
Posted by Customer Service on 16 September 2005 12:25 PM
With the shared Tomcat package you can deploy your unpacked .war via FTP and open a support request to have Tomcat restarted. The disadvantage to
shared Tomcat is that whenever a customer requests it to be restarted all sites on that shared tomcat instance goes down during the restart process.
We do not keep count of how often it is restarted - as long as a customer needs it restarted, we restart it. However, with the private you will be able to deploy your war files through Tomcat manager as well as start/stop Tomcat at your choosing.
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