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How to create email accounts with Plesk?
Posted by Alpha Daramy on 24 January 2008 01:29 AM

To create mailboxes for other users:

  1. Click the Domains shortcut in the navigation pane.
  2. Click the required domain name in the list.
  3. Click
    Mail in the Services group.
  4. Click
    Add New Mail Name.
  5. Your domain name is shown to the right of @ sign, so you only need to specify the desired name for the mailbox.

    can be, for example, user's first name and last name separated by a
    dot, a department name, or any other text in Latin symbols. The name
    should be short enough to remember. It can comprise alphanumeric, dash
    dot and underscore symbols.

  6. Specify a password that mailbox owner will use for accessing his or her mailbox.
  7. Make sure that a check mark is present in the Mailbox check box.
  8. If required, limit the amount of disk space that this mailbox can use. To do this, under Mailbox quota select the Enter size option and type the desired value in kilobytes.
  9. To allow the mailbox owner to manage his or her mailbox through a mailbox administration panel, select the Control panel access check box and specify the language for the user's control panel.
  10. To allow the mailbox owner configure and use spam filter and antivirus, click Permissions, select the respective check boxes and click OK.
  11. Click OK.

the mailbox is created, and a separate e-mail administration panel has
been set up in Plesk. To enter it, the mailbox owner should visit the
URL, type his or her e-mail address into
the Login box, type the password for the mailbox into the Password box, and then click Login.

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