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How do I Create a Certificate Signing Request (CSR)?
Posted by Alpha Daramy on 19 February 2008 05:46 PM
Login and click "Domains". After clicking the domain which you want to secure, click "Certificates". Plesk will now ask for your company information to complete the CSR.

As you complete these fields, please keep a few things in mind:

Country/State/City - Enter the locality information based on where your business operates, not where your server is located. Spell out all state and city information. For example, if your business operates in Texas, use "Texas" for the state, rather than "TX". If you are an international customer in a country without states or provinces, please use your country name in the state field.

Organization - Please use your full, unabbreviated legal business name including any applicable suffix, such as "Inc" or "LLC". If your company name is registered in an abbreviated form, then you may use abbreviations if you would like to do so.

Common Name - This is where you type the web address of your site. For example, and are both acceptable (Please note the web name cannot be changed). Please do not include http:// or https://.

Please make sure the encryption type for the CSR is 2048 bit.  When you have finished entering your information, click "Request". Your new CSR and private key will be displayed.

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