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How do I setup an email forwarder for an individual email account?
Posted by Alpha Daramy on 27 May 2008 06:28 PM

Adding An Email Forwarder

  1. To add an Email Forwarder, click on the Add Forwarder button.
  2. Enter the email address username you want to forward in the "Address to Forward" text box.
  3. Select the domain associated with the email address username from the drop down menu.
  4. Enter the email address where you want the email to be forwarded to in the "Forward to email address" text box.

NOTE: You can also choose from one of the three other options instead of using the "Forward to email address" feature.

  • Discard - This feature will automatically delete the email, but is not recommended.
  • Discard with error to sender - This feature will delete the email and send the sender an email message. If you choose this option, enter the message you want the user to see in the "Failure Message (seen by sender)" text box.
  • Pipe to a Program - If you want the email message to be sent to a program on your server, enter the path and filename of the script or program you want the email to be sent to in the "Pipe to a Program" text box.

Once you make your selection, move on to Step 5 below.

  1. Click on the Add Forwarder button.
  2. You should see the following:
    • "All email sent to EMAIL_ADDRESS_BEING_FORWARDED will now be redirected to FORWARDED_TO_EMAIL_ADDRESS"
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