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How do I backup and restore Windows data?
Posted by Alpha Daramy on 23 October 2008 01:56 PM

To back up the domain data, follow these steps:

1.       Click the Create Backup icon on the Backup files repository page. The Backup file creation page appears.

2.       To create a backup file and store it in the repository, select the "create backup file and store in local repository" option.

To create the backup file and store it on the remote FTP server, select the "create the backup file and store on remote FTP server" option.

To create a backup file and download it to your local machine without storing it in the backup files repository, select the "do not store the backup file in repository, only download it" option.

3.       To create a multivolume backup, select the "Create a multivolume backup" check box and specify size of each volume in megabytes.

4.       If you have chosen to save your backup file to remote FTP server:

o        specify the FTP server name in the "FTP server" input box

o        type the name of the directory on FTP server, where the domain backups should be stored in the "Path to backup files repository on FTP server" input box

o        enter the FTP server login in the "FTP Login" input box

o        enter the FTP password in the "FTP Password" input box

5.       Type in your comments or backup file description in the "Comments" text field.

6.       If you wish to receive notifications of backup procedures start and completion, select the "Notify by e-mail" check box and specify the e-mail address.

7.       Click Back Up.

To restore a domain, follow these steps:

1.       Click the Backup icon at the Domain administration page. The Backup files repository page appears.

2.       Select the desired backup file from the list clicking on its file name. The backup file information page will open displaying the domain configuration to be restored.

3.       If desired, enter an e-mail and select the checkbox to enable the notification.

Select the IP address to be used for restoring the domain data.

4.       Click Restore.


During backup/restore processes, the domain is automatically switched off and all of its services are unavailable.

Please see this video tutorial for the details:



  • Please note that the backup file would be .psa repository file which can download into your local computer & you can view the contents of this file via Winrar onto your local computer or pc.

  • You can also use this technique for migration of data from one hosting provider to other.

  • You will have to make sure that the Plesk versions are same with the both hosting providers before the migration of data.

  • Please do note that if the versions of Plesk are different with the both old and new hosting provider you will have to make sure that old provider from where you are doing/getting backup from is using the older version of Plesk i.e. Plesk 7 and your new hosting provider is using latest version i.e. Plesk 7.5 then you will be able to restore the backup to new server.

  • If the old hosting provider is using new/latest version and then you will not be able to restore.


In order to migrate data via Plesk from your old hosting provider your new hosting provider you can create a backup of data from Plesk with old hosting & then restore it to your new hosting provider.


Please send an email to or create ticket here: to find out the version of the Plesk with your account.

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