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Getting 503 error on private Tomcat hosting package
Posted by - NA - on 09 April 2009 06:47 PM
Error message "503 Service Unavailable" appears when your Tomcat instance is unable to serve requests (being down or stuck). Such issue can happen due to lack of resources (OutOfMemory exception) or other fatal errors that prevent Tomcat from functioning.

If you get this error please restart your private Tomcat instance and check Tomcat log for error messages. Log file is located in directory ~/tomcat/logs.

In most cases Tomcat restart will solve the problem but if your Tomcat goes down constantly - we recommend to check the issue deeper.
Please post a ticket with request to enable std-logging and ask your developer to examine two more log files that appeared in ~/tomcat/logs directory: stderr.log and stdout.log.

If that's not enough to find exact reason of the issue we can provide strace output of tomcat process. To get it, please contact us when Tomcat already got stuck, but isn't restarted yet.
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