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What is the Private Tomcat directory structure?
Posted by Alpha Daramy on 02 August 2012 05:42 PM
After ordering new Private Tomcat account, you will see 'tomcat' folder in your home directory. This folder is used to store Tomcat configuration files, custom libraries needed for your application, and Tomcat logs files.

The structure of 'tomcat' folder:
common/    -contains two folders lib, classes for libraries and classes which are available for any application under your Tomcat

conf/     -this folder contain configuration files
server.xml      -XML-based file with main Tomcat configuration and host description directives.
tomcat-users.xml   -files contains list of users which have access to 'admin'(tomcat 5.5 only) and 'manager' applications

catalina.options   -custom Tomcat startup settings
catalina.log    -default Tomcat log file, contains errors from your application
stdout.log    -file contains error provided by Tomcat to standart output (stdout)
stderr.log    -has startup errors directed to standart error output, it's useful if you Tomcat unable to start

temp/ work/    -Tomcat system folder for temporary files
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