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Knowledgebase : Dedicated Servers

You will be able to control your dedicated server via remote desktop (RDP)/ssh shell. Also you may install a third party control tool (like VNC).
Our servers have Redundant High Speed Internet connection. This offers you security that your site will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all 365 days a year.
Leave it to us. We maintain the hardware for all our dedicated servers.
In such cases, we schedule hardware changes with our DataCenter staff. They always have spare parts to fix failed equipment.
We can provided you class c 256 ip addresses at $256/month - this in addition to the dedicated server monthly price. Also, we will need justification for these ip addresses.
Yes, we do offer drive mirroring. Drive mirroring entails keeping two sets of hard drives constantly updated with all data of your web site. The second drive serves as an immediate back up in case of a drive failure, preventing system downtime.
Simply make a request via email and please note requests must be received at least received 45 days prior to renewal date.
You will need to purchase the CF license directly from Adobe as the cost is about ($1,300.00).  Once you get the license we will install it for you, just send us the license key.  We will setup and configure ColdFusion.
You will receive 4 dedicated ip addresses.
We can provide an additional 80 GB HDD at $30/mo.
The cost for a dedicated ip address is $4.95/month.
The cost for MSSQL will be $120/month additional. You can also buy your own MSSQL license from a third-party vendor and we will install it. We can add MSSQL Server 2000 or 2005 (Workgroup Edition - this is the least expensive and quite frankly all you n...
- No technical expertise is required to run dedicated servers as we manage the whole set up for you. - Unlimited upgrade capacity. More memory, additional drives whenever your web site needs them.
Having your own dedicated server helps you avoid most of the variables affecting the reliability and stability of a server - variables such as overload, too many components and applications uploaded, bad codes and scripts from other users, etc. You can...
Dedicated Hosting provides an exclusive server devoted solely to your web site. Dedicated servers are more suited for web sites that generate a lot of traffic. You do not share a server with other customers, as with shared hosting.
Managed Hosting is an expanded dedicated hosting service where the web hosts maintain and monitor the dedicated servers, operating system, and all supported applications for their customers. Companies which do not have the required system administration r...
We can install a backup drive or provide NAS (Network Attached Storage) for backups.