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[ATTN] File System Issues on Hardware Node
Posted by Customer Service on 28 November 2016 12:41 PM

Dear Customers,

We've noticed an alert in our monitoring system regarding file system issue on one of our hardware nodes and as a result the following servers are temporarily down:

Our support engineers are aware of this and currently working to restore services.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


------ UPDATE ------


We have started file system check, which should fix all errors within next 3 hours.



DailyRazor Support Team

------ UPDATE 29 NOV 4AM EST ------

We are glad to inform you that restoration on xwdz11 and xwdz12 servers has been successfully completed. Both servers along with all services are up and running in a normal state and as expected. Please refer to us, in case you still face any issues or have specific concerns.

As for now, restore process on xwdz4 has recently been launched.

We'll continue keeping you updated on the issue status.
As always - appreciate understanding, patience and effort involved!


DailyRazor Support Team


------ UPDATE 29 NOV 5:21 AM EST ------

Restore on xwdz4 server is expected to be completed approx. within next 6 hours.

Thank you for being with us.



DailyRazor Support Team


------ UPDATE 29 NOV 1:30 PM EST ------



xwdz4 server is restored and works fine now.


All servers are working.

If any difficulties are spotted, please feel free to contact us via ticket system.



DailyRazor Support Team