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[ATTN] Jdz3 -> Njdz3 accounts transfer
Posted by Level 2 Support on 31 August 2017 10:59 AM


Migration has been successfully completed.
All accounts are now available on a new server.

Feel free to contact us, in case you spot any inconsistencies and encounter problems.


Dear Valued Customers,


This notification addressed to all account owners on server.

We are to inform you that your accounts will be moved to a new server with the set of latest available software versions. 
New server:
New server will be accessible via the link:

Account login info will remain unchanged.

Migration is fully controlled by our staff members. There are no additional actions required from account owners, apart from the password reset for certain MySQL users and check+confirmation that all Tomcat 6 applications run as expected after upgrade from Tomcat 5.5.
Affected users have already been informed on this with separate emails.

We recommend you not to apply any major changes to accounts before works are completed, in order to avoid data loss on a new server.

Software versions change after transfer:
CentOS 5.11 -> CentOS 7.3
cPanel 11.56 -> cPanel 11.64
PHP 5.2.17 -> MultiPHP: 5.4.45, 5.5.38, 5.6.31, 7.0.21, 7.1.7
MySQL 5.5.52 -> MySQL 5.6.35

Technical maintenance is planned on 02 SEP 17 
Maintenance time: 1AM - 4AM
Expected services downtime: less than 1 hour

We do not expect any issues with application and services functionality. However, in case you spot any outages - please feel free to email us at once, and we will gladly help you to locate and solve the problem.

Email regarding any concerns/questions to

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